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We are a multi-award winning boutique Public Relations and Social Media Marketing Agency that cuts above the clutter, delivers results and elevates your brand profile. We don't faff, we have excellent turnaround times and will become a vital extension of your team.

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“Birdsong Communications is a highly effective PR agency getting exceptional results for their clients. They send us pitches which capture the essence of the story in a succinct and journalistic way – often sending us the headline of the article to allow us as a busy news team to quickly identify the mileage and newsworthiness in the story. The human-interest angles they provide are creative, engaging and are interesting to both our readers and effective for their clients.”
Martin Breen, Editor Sunday Life Newspaper
Martin Breen, Editor
Sunday Life Newspaper
“Birdsong Communications is approaching PR in Northern Ireland like no other company, and I believe they are getting top results. The country is inundated with PR companies and eager professionals keen – sometimes desperate – to get their clients publicity, often without much success. But at Birdsong, the approach is calm, considered and creative with none of the panic I so often associate with the world of PR. Briefs are directed individually and on a careful time-span, tipping the balance on whether media outlets will bite and publish or broadcast. For example, I have never in my 20 year career in journalism seen so much quality coverage given to a simple dog clipping service in Belfast – double page spreads in national newspapers, full page spreads in regionals, radio interviews and more over a series of weeks. And it’s because the PR approach was not only clever but it was well executed and well timed, and Birdsong found the point of difference the company was offering and celebrated it. Birdsong transformed a common-or-garden service into a phenomenon thanks to the publicity garnered across the board. This sort of success takes drive and personality, exactly what Birdsong offers, complete with know-how and imagination. This is a very good company that delivers consistently on promises without fuss or flap.”
Jilly Beattie, Features Editor Daily Mirror Ireland
Jilly Beattie, Features Editor
Daily Mirror Ireland
"Angela worked with me to deliver the most exciting and disruptive project I've ever created in my journey as a business leader and entrepreneur. I could honestly say, I would never have achieved the success without her professional knowledge and energetic support. Angela is a phenomenal leader who just gets it. She is so intuitive, asks the right question, and comes up with real powerful solutions and implements them quickly. Her energy, intuition and focus on growth both personally and in business, it's no wonder she is a multi-award winning leader. I could not recommend Angela highly enough. She is an incredibly talented and natural mentor, and anyone who gets to work with her is so lucky."
Cara Macklin  Cara Macklin Coaching
Cara Macklin
Cara Macklin Coaching

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