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Our multi-award winning agency is founded by creative people, with a passion for creating campaigns that dove-tail with your company objectives. Whether its to launch a new product, raise the profile of your brand or create a winning strategy that will help boost your sales. Our team is ready to help you to soar to new heights. 

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Angela Hunter
Managing Director
Birdsong Communications was set-up by Angela Hunter in September 2011. In October 2012, Birdsong was awarded the Gold ‘Outstanding Small Consultancy’ award at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations PRide awards. More recently, the agency was awarded Gold in “Best Use of Media Relations” and Silver in the “Crisis and Issues Management” in the 2019 awards. Throughout her career, Angela has advised senior leaders of the business community in Northern Ireland across a range of sectors from public sector to corporate and B2B, as well as consumer communications at all levels, from start-up businesses to large PLCs. Angela is also a board member of Northern Ireland fresh food bank charity, LifeHub NI.
Multi-Award winning
Chartered Institute of Public Relations
Gold Award - Best Use of Media Relations (Macklin Care Group) Silver Award - Crisis / Issues Management - Belfast Chamber
Nikki Taggart
PR Consultant
Nikki Taggart is a seasoned PR professional with over 25 years' experience in working with consumer clients spanning the world of theatre, hospitality, charity and retail. Nikki is a joy to work with, she is a highly creative media professional with an excellent reputation with clients and media alike.
Laura Rooney
PR Consultant
Laura was a senior PR Director in Dubai with over 15 years's experience and a social media influencer with a strong focus on hospitality, travel, fashion, beauty, and wellness. Whilst working in a high-profile PR agency in UAE, Laura started growing her personal blog "Hungry Girl Dubai" which is now known as "Hungry Girls Belfast". This has grown organically from a past-time to something which is getting serious returns for business. Laura has two highly active and successful TikTok & Instagram accounts, whilst also enjoying success in her hugely popular podcast Love Bites by Laura & Fi (Now on Season 3 with 100K+ downloads, mostly Ireland based). Laura is highly creative, has excellent traditional and digital skills and brings an air of fun to any project.
Katie Stevenson
Social Media Manager
Katie has over ten years' experience in social media strategy development, content creation and design. Her creativity, abilty to engage audiences and create excellent stratgegies allow clients to grow their following and boost sales. Katie can take the otherwise mundane and make it a master-piece and does it with fun, humour and excellent design skills.
Shaun Byrne
Web Developer & Graphic Design
Shaun has over 12 years' experience in web development, SEO, animation, social media advertising and graphic design. Shaun supports Birdsong as an external consultant, and his amazing responivness, 'can-do' attitude and excellent turnaround times, coupled with his unrivalled web and digital skills make him our 'goto' partner for all things web based.
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With over 25 years+ experience in working with start-ups, B2B and consumer clients, we can help your voice be heard in a cluttered market-place. 

Public Relations
Social Media

Social media is a fast-paced, ever-evolving medium which can help you communicate your brand message. We can develop a social media strategy to help grow your brand profile, your following and convert new and existing clients. 

Influencer Engagement

The world of influencer and media engagement can have powerful benefits for your brand. We work with both micro influencers and the more established to help raise brand awareness, drive engagement and customer sales. 

Good job,excellent rating
“Angela Hunter of Birdsong NI is an accomplished and efficient PR professional with an impressive array of long-term clients. Her press releases are always informative but precise and she responds with speed to any queries. She maintains strong and lasting relationships with members of the press and is clearly very dedicated to her post.” Margaret Canning, Business Editor, Belfast Telegraph
Margaret Canning Business Editor, Belfast Telegraph
Margaret Canning
Business Editor, Belfast Telegraph
“In this era when pressure on space has never been more intense, daily newspapers require speed of delivery in press releases, which must be must be written in a succinct, creative and accurate way. Birdsong as a company ticks all these boxes, while Angela as an individual has emerged as a hugely respected, connected and a stand-out PR professional blessed with a level of passion and energy. Her honest no-nonsense approach and her ability to communicate often complex campaigns in a straightforward and bite-sized way ensures her clients always gain the most from any PR process or project.”
Gary McDonald  Business Editor, Irish News
Gary McDonald
Business Editor, Irish News
“I’ve worked with Angela Hunter since she established her own company, Birdsong Communications, and had also worked with her in the past. She is a highly competent PR professional, and one of the more innovative practitioners on the local scene. She is always prepared to adapt client stories to our requirements as a monthly magazine, and helps to make my job easier. This is not something that can be said of too many PR professionals with whom we deal on a regular basis.”
Richard Buckley Editor & Publisher, Business Eye Magazine
Richard Buckley
Editor & Publisher, Business Eye Magazine

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